MEPs hold ethically slippery side jobs — but they’re perfectly legal

Politico • 2023-03-08
Industry Influence

ARIA provided documentary evidence on MEPs’ second jobs and how they could raise risks of conflicts of interest and impact their legislative decision-making. The story fed into debates around reforming parliamentary transparency and integrity rules after the Qatargate scandal.

Gaz de schiste : un projet texan controversé suscite l’intérêt d’énergéticiens français

Le Monde • 2023-04-03
Carbon Capture and Storage

ARIA sourced and analysed contracts for three LNG trains signed by NextDecade with its subcontractors, and found that only two of them were planned to be equipped with a Capture Carbon and Storage facilities, despite the company’s pledge to equip all trains. ARIA also provided analysis of the company’s “sustainable” LNG claims.

U.S. Universities Aren’t Getting Enough Funding to Tackle Agriculture’s Climate Impact

Time • 2023-01-31

ARIA analysed almost 22,000 research grants given to Land Grant Universities in the US and found only about 2% were for climate-related research. Corporate grants were even less climate-focused, with only 1% going towards climate related research. This is despite both the US government and agricultural lobby groups promoting technological progress as central to their plans for the sector to tackle climate change.

Retirer le CO2 de l’atmosphère sauvera-t-il le climat?

Le Monde • 2023-03-19
Fossil Fuels

Le Monde and ARIA investigated Occidental Petroleum’s (Oxy) climate pledge and its plans to develop direct air capture (DAC) and generate offsets to help other companies like Airbus to meet their net-zero targets. The story raises questions over the use of DAC to reach net-zero targets without phasing out fossil-fuels. ARIA submitted FOIs and conducted data and documentary analysis to aid the investigation.