ARIA explores power, influence and corporate accountability in the climate and nature space. We use research, analysis, data insights and investigative approaches to reveal and challenge obstacles to a cleaner and more sustainable world.

We focus on issues that are central to a successful transition to a sustainable world, including fossil fuels, carbon trading, agriculture and livestock, and PR and legal frameworks.

ARIA stands for ‘analysis, research, insight, action’. Our team are experienced analysts, investigators and former journalists who combine issue area expertise with specialist data, analysis and research skills. Our team was established in 2023, and since then we have worked with partners in the media and civil society to explore how efforts to address sustainability challenges are resisted by corporate interests, and others. Our work is supported by The Meliore Foundation.

Coordination team

  • Director

    Jim leads ARIA’s strategic direction and vision. He brings 20 years of experience working on climate as a strategist, researcher and campaigner.

  • Investigations Manager

    George manages ARIA’s team of investigators. He has 15 years’ experience running investigations and campaigns.

  • Analysis Manager

    Mat manages ARIA’s team of issue area analysts. He has worked as an editor and investigative journalist.

  • Deputy Investigations Manager

    Leigh is a journalist and investigator who has covered the energy and oil and gas sector for more than a decade.

  • Operations Associate

    Francine manages ARIA’s logistics, operations and administrative support functions. She has worked as an environmental scientist and GIS specialist.

Investigations team

  • Investigator

    Lala Hakuma is an experienced investigative researcher and campaigner, and has worked for a range of NGOs focused on EU climate, energy and trade policies.

  • Senior Investigator

    Sarah is an experienced journalist with a focus on developing country energy transitions and the livestock industry’s climate impact.

  • Investigator

    Lluís Miquel is an experienced conflict journalist who has reported for a range of mainstream media outlets while also conducting research for his own consultancy firm.

  • Project Lead

    Cécile is an investigative researcher and campaigner, focused on increasing scrutiny of the fossil fuel industry.

  • Senior Investigator

    Craig specialises in using open-source investigative techniques to study knotty aspects of the energy transition.

  • Investigator

    Alix has worked as an investigative researcher, writer and analyst on a range of issues. Her current focus is exploring carbon markets and the carbon capture industry.

  • Investigator

    Daniel is an investigative journalist who has reported on resource-driven conflicts around the world for a range of global mainstream media outlets.

  • Senior Strategist

    Juliana is a strategist for accountability in the fossil fuel industry. She is a seasoned researcher and advocate for climate justice.

  • Strategist

    Marzia is a strategist focused on the fossil fuel industry, leveraging her expertise in analysing industry tactics in the tobacco sector.

  • Junior Investigator

    Alma is an investigator and campaigner. She has previously worked as a journalist and for international NGOs focused on human rights.

Analysis team

  • Senior Analyst

    Jean-Luc leads ARIA’s work on agriculture. His work focuses on the links between livestock and climate.

  • Analyst

    Isaac is an analyst focusing on the use of intermediaries by state and corporate actors to influence climate policy.

  • Analyst

    Charlotte has experience with investigative research and strategic communication and has worked on a variety of climate and environmental issues across multiple countries for over a decade.

  • Senior Analyst

    Dave has spent his career working in marketing, PR, and communications. He focuses on developing research and insights across multiple sectors.

  • Senior Analyst

    Elisa’s work focuses on developing accountability strategies in the context of the climate transition, and has a background in public interest law.

  • Analyst

    Valentin’s work focuses on the steel industry, and its path towards decarbonisation.

  • Analyst

    Alessandro’s work is centered around ensuring the effectiveness of carbon markets in achieving climate action, building on his experience in ecosystem restoration projects in the Amazon.