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Transition Minerals and Metals

The global transition from a fossil fuel based economy to a renewable one will require the development and production of new technology and infrastructure such as wind farms, electric vehicles, and smart technologies on a massive scale. These new technologies and infrastructure will require minerals and metals which can, if not carefully sourced, put strain on the environment and affected communities.

ARIA has begun to research the supply chains of new and old technologies for minerals and metals such as iron ore, coltan and bauxite to explore the consequences of their extraction and transportation. We work with civil society partners, policy makers and journalists to inform thinking on how the industries of the green economy can minimise the harm in their supply chains.

A dedicated work stream in the Transition Minerals and Metals project focuses on iron and steel production, which accounts for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions on top of often-times local social and environmental stresses. Our analysis and investigations address the blockages of climate action in the iron and steel space and the solutions that can unlock green steel production on a global scale.