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Livestock is responsible for 14.5% of all anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions – a share projected to grow as demand for meat and dairy increases. Addressing these emissions is key to resolving the climate crisis and to finding a safe and nutritious way to feed the world.

Livestock production is a major economic driver, employing millions of workers and farmers globally, in what is sometimes dangerous and precarious work. And food is at the heart of human existence – how and what we consume shapes our wellbeing and culture.

Alongside greenhouse gas emissions, the industrial livestock sector is connected to a myriad of environmental impacts on water, air, soil quality and biodiversity. Industrial agriculture is positioning itself as a solution to the climate crisis, as many companies project market growth.

ARIA provides briefings, research and analysis for media and civil society on issues like feedstock supply chains, industry funding and agricultural policy. We work with partners, academics and NGOs to explore the nuances of agricultural responses to climate change.